July 27, 2007

Uninvited House Guest

There aren't many creepy crawlies that freak me out. I love all reptiles and amphibians, think insects are really cool and spiders are fine, as long as they don't surprise me by crawling across my cheek in the middle of the night or something equally offensive.
But scorpions are a different matter.
At all.
When we bought a house in the south of France I didn't know it would come with the occasional scorpion as an uninvited house guest. Had I known that, well, maybe we would have bought a house up north where there aren't any damn scorpions!

Ok, ok...it is pretty small. That is our garden key which is about 5 inches/13 centimeters long.
But even though they aren't very big, they still freak me out!!!

(no I didn't crush it with something heavy, which I should have done since it shouldn't be in our house in the first place. I scooped it into a large measuring cup and took it around the corner and set it free in the vineyards)

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sognatrice said...

The first scorpion I found in my house was swimming around in the toilet--glad I looked first. Ew.

My lovely OH fished (scorpioned?) him out and then put him in a container under light to keep him warm. Then we (my OH) kept him as a pet for a while before releasing him. I have to admit that I did develop a certain fondness for our Charlie :)

wcs said...

Better to capture and release than to kill. Scorpions must do some good out there.

I'll even try to shoo flies out a window rather than swat them. But before you think I'm a wonderful humanitarian, the reason has more to do with avoiding squished fly juice on the window than letting the little bugger live... ;)

Loulou said...

You kept it as a pet??? Yikes! :)
Do you look in your shoes every morning like I do?

They do serve some purpose, I'm sure...
I just don't want to have to rush one of our dogs or the cat to the Vet ER due to a scorpion sting, so would rather that they stay out in the vineyards where they belong.

Lunesbijoux said...

Over the last few weeks I have found a couple of scorpions trekking across our bedroom floor in the middle of the night.I am absolutely terrified of them and have know idea how to cope with them.I have an 11 week old daughter and worry that she will be stung by one - not to mention our dog or me getting up to do a night feed and standing on one!

Loulou said...

I just saw your comment!
I hope you haven't seen any scorpions recently. I think they're pretty harmless but creepy!
Thanks for saying hello.