July 30, 2007

Photo du Jour

Market day tomorrow. On my list:

white nectarines
prunes Reine Claude
a tarragon plant
olives Pin It


The Late Bloomer said...

Hi Loulou! I went to the market on Saturday morning, per my usual, and I always try to plan out how I'm going to use my fruits and veggies for the week -- but not matter how hard I try, something always falls to the wayside! I still haven't perfected this art... And managed to make good use of everything. I have a lot to learn!

But last night I used up almost all of my veggies to make a yummy ratatouille. Hopefully that will make for a good meal accompaniment for the next few days. I'm also hoping the baby spinach I bought will still be good for a salad tonight!

Oh, and I picked up reines claudes too, but I know NOTHING about prunes and I have to admit I didn't even realize they were prunes 'til the lady at the stand told me. And of course she looked at me like I was an alien because I didn't know this... Oh well!

Loulou said...

late bloomer
very often the market doesn't have something on my list but I'll find something unexpected. last week I couldn't find decent looking red peppers but found some beautiful blueberries, a rarity around here.

Finally saw the movie Ratatouille. Have you seen it?

Never seen the Reine Claude plum in America so I can see how you wouldn't know what they were!

Emily said...

The bell peppers are just gorgeous right now. I couldn't stop staring at them at my local market this morning. :)

Loulou said...

the red peppers looked terrible this week, but the yellow, green and orange peppers were perfection. I bought some orange ones and will roast them instead