July 18, 2007

Photo du Jour

Barrels of olives at the Olonzac market.

The local Lucques are so delicious! Perfect to nibble on with a Kir or a glass of Muscat. Pin It


Riana Lagarde said...

LOL, have you seen my flickr page???

we have the same "gout"!

mpabner said...

It is nice to be able to have time to come and read your blog again! The picture looks great! Markets like this are making a comeback here. Slowly but surely!

Jennifer said...

how funny! when did you take those?

hope all is well with you. Welcome back!
I've read that markets are slowly making a comeback in the States. there was a little Saturday market in New Orleans that I used to love!

wcs said...

Olives ! Yum...

Riana Lagarde said...

I take that same shot each year, its the same olive seller with the barrels of olives. The one that is at les Halles in Narbonne and the same in St Pierre

Jennifer said...

do they sell olives like this at the markets in the Loire?

I love their tapenade and their garlic and parsley marinated olives are fantastic!