July 6, 2007

La Citoyenne (someday)

Been reading up on becoming a French citizen.

I was under the impression that asking to become a citoyenne would require me to denounce my American citizenship. I was wrong . This is really exciting news! My American husband is particularly happy because I was toying with the idea of divorcing him, finding some unsuspecting Frenchman and forcing him to marry me, just so I could work here.
(at least I think my husband is happy with my change of plans...)

So, I need some advice. If there is anyone out there who has gone through this process and could offer some help, I would greatly appreciate it! Pin It


katiez said...

My skeptical thought is as long as you pay taxes the U.S. will be happy! I have no advice but do wish you luck!

Samantha said...

Nope, there are tons of dual citizens out there. A friend of mine even has three - US, Canada & France!

I'll be applying in Sept 2008, and it seems to be a sort of costly process, and can take up to 18 months. But I think it'll be worth it in the end, especially if it means never having to renew my carte de séjour again!!

Loulou said...

thanks. We still file our taxes so they have nothing to complain about!

yes, I read that it could take up to 18 months and the translation fees are going to be crazy but it would be heaven not to have to renew the carte de séjour every year!

cara said...

(just getting caught up after not having internet for a while...) i'm toying with the idea of getting citizenship too, but now that i have a 10 year carte de sejour...not sure if i want to go through the hastle. it seems like quite the organizational nightmare as paperwork can only be so old before it's invalid and some take longer to get than others. gives me a headache just thinking about it. i was difficult enough getting Canadian citizenship and that was all in English!