July 8, 2007

Daily Photo

La Place in Capestang. Pin It


wcs said...

What are those bright, yellow-ish blotches on the ground ? Could they be, no, it's not possible... this "sun" thing I've heard so much about ?

sognatrice said...

Wow, I come over here from Bloglines and you have a whole new look! So pretty! And you're doing so well keeping up with the daily photos--I'm enjoying them immensely even though I haven't been commenting. Hope you have a lovely Sunday :)

Loulou said...

yes, we had some sun for a couple of days then more rain last night and now the temp is back down and the wind has picked up and summer has disappeared again!!!!!

I keep fiddling with the look and hope it isn't driving people crazy that my site looks different almost every time they look at it!
I read your blog all the time but haven't been commenting much lately either
thanks for saying hello :)

Mdx said...

This one is just perfect as a desktop background. I love it!

Loulou said...

glad you liked it!