June 19, 2007

La Fête du Fromage-Week Ten

This week is the tenth Fête du Fromage. Are we sick of cheese yet? No way!

I've become very creative in the kitchen in my attempt to use up all these little pieces of cheese we have crowding up what has now become a very smelly fridge. Maybe I should have started La Fête in the winter when we could have stored the cheese outside...
Been making a lot of cheese and vegetable tarts, pizza al quattro formaggi, cheesy pasta dishes and plan on making some fromage fort this week. Thank you Donna for the idea.

pizza al quattro formaggi

The last week has been very decadent! We've been out every night eating and drinking with friends. Friday night was a delicious curry at one house, Saturday night was the Tapas night, Sunday was a barbeque that started with some delicious Pimms and last night was another invitation to dinner, complete with homemade Americanos, (yes, they were strong so we only had one each) We didn't get home until quite late.


Basically, we haven't eaten a meal at home in five days. So, I have the cheese, just haven't had the time to taste it! I hope to remedy this today at lunch. Pin It

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