June 29, 2007

My Week

The week is almost over.
Had a nasty head cold so I slept my way through most of Tuesday and Wednesday.
Went into Béziers Thursday morning for a hair cut. The drive took much longer that usual due to la Police Municipale stopping nearly everyone at a major roundabout in the center of town which snarled up traffic forever.
Had 10 inches of hair cut off (see new photo on right) followed by a mild panic attack.
Feeling better now because, I know, someday, it will grow back.
Almost had another panic attack as I walked by a café we frequent in Béziers only to find a brand spankin' new Domino's pizza in it's place. Quelle horreur! I think Domino's is the true axis of evil and now they've invaded our little corner of France. Merde.
Today is my husband's birthday. His present didn't arrive yesterday (the expected date) nor today. After waiting for La Poste all morning, to not deliver his present, we drove over to the beach and had a nice lunch.
Happy Birthday honey! I'm sure your present will arrive someday. Maybe by the time my hair grows back. Pin It


Samantha said...

Wow, 10 inches!! And here I thought I was brave for getting 6" cut off last week! I was pretty stressed for a while there, but now I love my new cut.

Loulou said...

The stress was pretty funny. I mean, it's just hair for heavens sake! But it was my hair, lying there all over the floor!!!!
I like it more each day and it is great for the summer.
Have a safe trip back to France.

Alison said...

10 inches! Yowza! Your hair looks great, though. I do hope your husband's b-day present gets there sooner rather than later.

Loulou said...

merci beaucoup!
his present arrived today. Phew!

The Late Bloomer said...

I've always had a weakness for short hair myself... Yours looks great that way! I had a pixie cut for years, and I've been missing it more and more. My hair is almost shoulder-length right now, and honestly sometimes I really just get tired of having to figure out what to do with it! It just doesn't always cooperate.

I don't know what's holding me back from getting it all cut off again, but I'm hesitating...

Loulou said...

late bloomer
the new hair is definitely easier to care for! I love that I don't need to sit and blow dry it forever!