June 11, 2007

Cheese and Wine Pairing

I stumbled onto this site today and do believe it will come in handy.


The best part is, they have a page dedicated to wine and cheese pairings. You select your wine and it recommends which cheese to enjoy with it or you select your cheese and it recommends the wine.
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Ka_Ka said...

“O segredo do êxito é a honestidade. Se puderes evitá-la, consegues lá chegar.”
Groucho Marx

Susan in Italy said...

SOunds like a useful book, but wasn't it recently discovered that something in cheeses limits the palate from percieving subtle flavor qualities in wine?

Jennifer said...

sorry, I don't speak Portuguese

I wouldn't be surprised, the cheese always changes the flavor of the wine when we taste them together, but never in a bad way. The wine we drink isn't expensive so we don't worry about it too much!

Unknown said...

That is a real find, LouLou.

Thank you.