May 3, 2007

Perfect Paris

We had five perfect days in Paris with the exception of one Spring. More on that later.

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Katie said...

Love all of your beverage photos! Looks like you had lovely weather as well - but, then, Paris in the spring? There's a reason that's so famous!

chanit said...

I love paris !
thanks for the posts ;)

mpabner said...

It appears that someone in your family is very fond of cafe au lait!

What a perfect setting to enjoy a cup of joe!

And now, off to the villa. What a life!

Loulou said...

It was amazingly nice weather, with a dramatic thunderstorm one night, which I love!

you're very welcome

yes, we stopped for coffee A LOT!
I love sitting in a café, watching the world go by and there's no better place to do that than Paris

Ola said...

I love the pictures!!!!!