April 21, 2007

Bread, Continued

Had a look at Ms. Adventures in Italy this morning as I was perusing the blogosphere and saw a recipe that immediately caught my eye; Sage, Honey and Pecorino Heart Bread.

Who wouldn't love bread with a name like that?

I tweaked the recipe a bit. I didn't have Pecorino so I used white cheddar and I added lots of ground black pepper to the dough. The results were fantastic! It was easy, quick and very, very tasty.

Grazie Sara!

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Riana said...

that looks fabulous!! save me a slice... have you tried red cabbage to make your sour dough starter? there is a grape skin that works too. I would love to make some sour dough. Sometimes they say your envirment makes it hard to get the starter to work right, but with all this fog in the mornings, its just like san fran.

Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Yum, black pepper - I love that and I think I may use that next time!! Glad things turned out ok!

Katie said...

I love the addition of sage to bread! Never added the pepper, though....next time. I'm out of bread-baking for the moment.
Your loaf looks perfect.

Loulou said...

sorry I didn't offer you a slice today, it had turned quite bitter from the sage I think, by this morning. It was so great to see you all today! Never heard of sourdough starter from grapes, but I can see the possibilities

Ms adventures
thanks again for the idea

it was really good!
when you get back into bread baking, you should try it