March 29, 2007


Finally back home in France!

On our drive home from the airport I panicked a bit and thought we were going to be killed by all the Mario Andretti wannabes speeding down the Autoroute. Then I noticed that my husband was also driving like Mario Andretti and calmed down until we hit the back roads and he was driving down the middle of the tiny roads, taking blind corners at 50 miles an hour and I was freaking out and pleading with him to slow down and he was arguing with me that he wasn't doing anything wrong and that he always drove like this and what was wrong with me. It was a tense trip home and I think he would have preferred that he had never come to collect me at the airport.
Yesterday I got behind the wheel of our little car and was driving like my old French self after a couple of kilometers and realized that I too drive around blind corners at 50 miles an hour down the middle of the little roads.
Dear husband, I apologize.
I obviously spent too many weeks driving in America. Pin It

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Katie said...

How soon we forget!
On my first trip back to the US after moving to Ireland I had a terrible time remembering which side of the road to be on!