February 15, 2007

Eating My Way Through New Orleans

What a week!
The food fest began with lunch on my birthday last Friday at Cochon. First a Bloody Mary (I'd been craving one for weeks!) with pickled beans and okra and huge olives. Yum! I had grilled Gulf shrimp with chow chow relish for an appetizer then a smoked beef sandwich with crispy fried onions and remoulade mayo. The food was great, but unfortunately the service was really awful. However, it wouldn't keep me from going back.
The next morning, after a tour of our friend's new home and a drive around to see how the city is repairing, we stopped at Elizabeth's, home of praline bacon! We shared a plate and had a New Orleans take on eggs Benedict that used buttered French bread in place of English muffins and a spicy version of Hollandaise sauce.
There's a new little taco place in the Quarter, Jazz Taco's, where a friend and I ate Monday for lunch. Located in Exchange Alley, it has a few outdoor seats where we sat and listened to the parrots squawking while we munched on chips with fresh guacamole and salsa and ate some delicious tacos.
Monday night was spent at my good friend's, Mary and Tomio's house, eating jambalaya and red beans followed by some gorgeous, briochey King cake for dessert. I've always loved eating at their house, Mary is an excellent cook!
Deanie's Restaurant on Annunciation Street is just a few steps from where I'm staying. I'd heard mixed reviews and the mayor eats there all the time, so I wasn't too sure about the place. Well, it was great! I had the daily special of country fried chicken with sides of corn bread dressing, maque choux and a salad. There was enough food for two people. We also shared some scrumptious bread pudding for dessert. I never thought I would eat again, until I was tempted by some barbecue shrimp at our friend's for dinner that night. Pure buttery peppery heaven!
We enjoyed some more Mexican food yesterday at Nacho Mama's, on Magazine Street. I love this place! I had a very tasty shrimp and black bean burrito with homemade salsa.
That held us over until last night's meal at Liuzza's. Oh my god. The best gumbo! And fried green tomatoes with shrimp remoulade. And a big frosty mug of Abita Amber. It was so, so good.

I stepped on a scale yesterday, with surprising results. I've been walking a lot every day, so even with these huge portions, lots of butter and fried food, my weight hasn't changed a bit.

One more week of New Orleans food. I can't wait! Pin It


sognatrice said...

Woooweee! Sounds good to me! Certainly not a post to read when I'm hankering for some good ole American food though ;) Congrats on the non-moving scale!

Susan in Italy said...

Oh, I'm sooo jealous that you can experience NOLA first hand and try all of those Louisiana meals. I'm trying to put together a New Orleans-style Carnival dinner in Italy and it's getting hard.

Gary said...

Oh...I miss it already!

That was the BEST Gumbo!

Safe trip home! Don't forget your shoe!