January 19, 2007

Interrupting One List to Write Another

I went on a blind date yesterday. Or at least that's what it felt like.
I met my first fellow blogger in person and I am so glad I did! Riana, who writes These Days in French Life, is a really cool woman! We spent the afternoon looking at food, talking about food, buying food and eating food. My idea of a great time.
I'm surprised our paths haven't crossed before, we grew up fairly close to each other and attended the same university. But, it took both of us moving to France and writing blogs to finally bump into each other.
I look forward to having her as a friend and sharing a pitcher of margaritas soon! If we can find some decent tequila. (and after she has her baby, of course)

Oh, and she memed me. So here's my list of 5 useless facts about myself. Consider yourself forewarned.

1. I think that leftover Thai green curry makes the best breakfast, ever.
2. I like to drive by myself, turn the music up really, really loud and sing.
3. I should have been an Entomologist. I wanted to be an Entomologist. Still don't know why I didn't follow up with that.
4. I loathe sour cream and mayonnaise.
5. I like doing laundry but I won't iron. Haven't owned an iron in 10 years. Pin It

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