December 6, 2006

Winter Has Arrived So I'm Making Jambalaya

We've been lucky. And spoiled. (and reveling in it!)
Our weather this autumn has been glorious! It was almost 70 degrees on Monday and the daytime temperatures for the last month have been in the mid 60's. We've had little rain, very little wind, which we usually have a lot of in this area, and one sunny day after another.

Alas, all good things must come to an end.

It appears that winter has arrived. Today is dark and cloudy and windy. We need all the heaters on in the house and my fingers are freezing while I type this post.
The meteo shows a bit of sun tomorrow morning, then rain, rain and more rain until Saturday.

So, what to make for dinner?
Well, I have more of that no-knead bread dough ready to bake and I think some jambalaya would be perfect for a cold, windy night like tonight. I usually make Cajun-style jambalaya with chicken and smoked sausage (which replaces andouille, which I've never seen here). Tonight I'm going to try a "red" jambalaya, made with tomatoes, which is often called New Orleans Creole-style jambalaya. It is also made with onion, bell peppers, celery, ham, shrimp and the all-important cayenne pepper.
I'll post the recipe tomorrow. Pin It


Susan in Italy said...

Oh I'm jealous! First that you have good no-knead bread going (I'm still trying to adapt the recipe to my liquid bread starter) and that you can make Jambalaya. Here they don't smoke sausages (or ham hocks, for that matter) so I'm limited to once a year after bringing some Andouille back from the States. Bon Apetit!

Riana said...

Yum, sounds soooo good!

Donna said...

Hi Lou Lou- I am going to send you some cajun staples as soon as I can! In the meantime, check out:

For your andouille needs!

Donna said...

and also:

Loulou said...

you poor, jambalaya-deprived woman! you'll have to try the version I just wrote smoked sausages needed.
it is!
merci, cherie...I'll check them out.