December 11, 2006

The To Do List

I posted a To Do list yesterday. Here's how it is going so far...

1) I've made 3 cards.
2) I've been to the local post office who sent me to the nearest La Poste distribution center where I was told that sending a fax to the distribution center in Paris where my packages are was "pas possible" because they didn't have their phone or fax numbers and was told to go home and look on La Poste's website. I did. The website's window for tracking packages had a phone number, which I called. I spoke to a very nice, young woman, gave her my US Postal Service tracking numbers and she replied with "mais, ici ce n'est pas la Poste." (this is not the Post Office) Hmmm...confusing since I took their number from La Poste's website. She gave me another phone number, which I called and spoke to another nice, young woman who told me I had the wrong office. She gave me yet another phone number, which I called and heard a message telling me that they were experiencing technical difficulties, then hung up on me. sigh
3) the Carte Vitale...must go to Béziers for that and Monday and Tuesday are the busiest days at the CPAM office. The trip has been put off until Wednesday or Thursday.
4) I haven't made any cookies

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