December 13, 2006

Our South of France, Part I

When I tell people I live in the south of France they always envision the beautifully colored lavender fields of Provence or the sun washed villas along the coast of the Côte d'Azur.
No, we don't live in a villa with a swimming pool or a mas provençal with olive trees and vineyards. We live in a 3 story, small village house in the middle of, well...nowhere.
La France Profonde. We live in the country.
I had to convince one friend that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are not our neighbors. The only celebrities around here are a well known English wine guru who has a holiday home 15 minutes away and the vineyards owned by Gérard Depardieu and Johnny Hallyday.

As our 84 year old neighbor replied when I returned from a weekend in Barcelona, I've never been to Spain.
Spain is just over an hour's drive away. And she's never been.
She's from the village down the road, all of one mile away, and is married to a local. They live in the house that he was born in and two of their son's, several grandchildren and a couple of cousins live in the village. In fact, if you counted all the members of this family, they probably make up 10 % of the village population. Which is 400.
Well, 402, if you count us. Pin It


Alison said...

Oh, gosh, let me guess where you live.

Remember, I know Oupia, Olonzac, Beaufort, and Minerve. Among others. ;-)

Loulou said...

I'm very impressed!

ohlala said...

Yeh, it's not that glam as everyone thinks, huh?

Hope that you are doing well!

Katie said...

You live in a big village! Our little hamlet has 5 houses, including ours. Our next door neighbors are in their 80's/90's and are the parents and original farmers of all the land. Our house is just a big, old farmhouse that had been owned by a cousin. Not only does no one speak English, most of them speak the local patois!

Mimi J. said...

What? Johnny Depp is not your neighbor? But Gerard Dépardieu owns a nearby vineyard?

But the photo is lovely!

Loulou said...

doing ok, merci....and you?

we are in a bustling metropolis compared to you!

yes, M. Depardieu owns vineyards in the area