December 26, 2006

Making Bread

Yeah, I love the no-knead bread recipe. I love the crumb and the crispy crust and think it is really delicious.
However, I have to think about starting it the day before I want it and sometimes that is just too damn far in advance! I like to know that I can walk in the door at 5 pm and have bread for dinner at 8 pm.
A little less than a year ago, I started this blog with a post about bread. I haven't made this bread in months and this afternoon we got home from a Boxing Day party at our English friend's house and I was really craving some homemade bread with dinner. Obviously the no-knead recipe wouldn't do. So I returned to this older recipe that got me excited about making bread in the first place.
I plan on sautéing some red onions with thyme and folding them into the dough with feta cheese before baking. Cream of broccoli soup will be served alongside. Yum! Pin It


Binkley said...

Mmmm.. Bread.

frenchkitcheninamerica said...


That really sounds good, LouLou.

Wish i could mess around in the kitchen all day. . .