October 8, 2006


... was stunning.

The most popular form of transportation is the bicycle. They were everywhere and could be rented by the hour or by the day.

The living area of our apartment.

And the kitchen.

Across the street from our apartment was a focaccia bakery with about seven different kinds to choose from. No photos were ever taken as it was always eaten too quickly.
Here is some bread from another bakery with some marinated olives and baked eggplant.

Gelato was everywhere and we took advantage of it!

Two or three espressi a day kept me very happy. Perfect flavor and crema every time.

What a wonderful week!
Seeing our friends from New Orleans was the best part and when you add to that a beautiful city with welcoming people, divine food and amazing scenery, the combination is a recipe for the perfect vacation.

Lucca, I just found out, is known to the French as Lucques, which must be why whenever I told someone in our village where we were going, they looked at me blankly.
Les Lucques is also an olive varietal grown in the Hérault. This olive has a small crescent-shaped stone, thin skin, crunchy flesh and an incredible flavor with tastes of fresh almonds and avocados. Pin It


Ivonne said...

It's like a mini-vacation in Lucca for all of your readers as well. Thanks for the photos!

Katie said...

What a great place to stay! Those olives look soooo good! I hope you brought lots back with you - for remembering...

Riana said...

I just love Lucca, we stayed near that last May and it was so nice. One of my favorite places in the world is that very part of Italy. *sigh* I have some flickr photos of it as well in case you ever need a Lucca fix;)