September 12, 2006


I finally saw one! Well, not one, but six babies and their mother.
2:30 in the morning, driving home from a friend's birthday dinner (a great dinner, by the way, with much depleting of their wine cellar) and these little piglets appeared out of the vines and sauntered across the road with mom bringing up the rear. You could almost hear her saying, "come on, come on, move it along."
It was so amazing to finally see a sanglier in person. They were much more delicate looking than I thought.
But now we feel guilty, as just last week I made a delicious Tuscan Wild Boar Stew from The Italian Farmhouse Cookbook out of one of their relatives. I guess we should apologize... Pin It


Katie said...

Never apoligize...besides, the're not very cute when they are big and pissed-off because you disturbed their nap. They are tasty though....

Loulou said...

I know, the stew was so delicious!
And I'm sure the male sanglier is much more fierce looking.

Susan in Italy said...

How cool you actually saw real sangliers. In Greece, we've seen where they nest as well as the shotgun shells left behind by their hunters. Had wild boar with prunes for last Christmas dinner too, sooo delicious!