September 22, 2006

Counting the Days

We leave for Italy in one week!
Our friends have graciously invited us to stay in a gorgeous medieval apartment they've rented for two weeks in Lucca.
So, we get to go to Italy and see our friends from New Orleans at the same time! It just doesn't get much better that that.

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cucina testa rossa said...

hi Loulou - did you see the new york times story on lucca this weekend? It listed some must sees. Bon voyage! Laura

Ivonne said...

How exciting, Loulou!

Have a wonderful time!

Loulou said...

Thank you for the article! It is written by one of my favorite cookbook authors.
What perfect timing.

Ivonne, thanks for the good wishes. I'll be taking a lot of photos to share.

Susan in Italy said...

Have a great time! Testa Rossa beat me to telling you about the NYT article. Hope the weather in Tuscany is better than it is in Milan (otherwise, bring raincoats!)

Riana said...

I loved Lucca, the best Gelato anywhere! Have a great time!!

Loulou said...

Looks like we're in luck with the weather...26 degrees and sunny every day.
I look forward to sitting in the palazzo, eating some gelato!

donna said...

Ok Lou Lou- I read your whole page yesterday and spent the rest of the day fantasizing about meatballs. I am off to pick up the ingredients and will make some today!
Also- will you send me some of those lovely tomatoes? They should make halfway across the world just fine!

Loulou said...

Yes, I'll send some tomatoes, but you'll have to wait for next year as the season is already over and they don't taste as good as 2 months ago.
My grandma's meatball recipe is great! Let me know how they turn out.