August 12, 2007

Like To Cook

A new opportunity has cropped up that I'm really excited about.
As of yesterday I am the new contributer to Like To Cook, a blog about, you guessed!

New posts will be added daily, so have a look and please let me know what you think.

P.S. check it out if you want to know my real name Pin It


Anonymous said...

I'm the editor of Celebrate Wine, a blog in the CW network as well, and just wanted to welcome you. I'm really looking forward to your posts on Like to Cook!

-- Carol @

Loulou said...

Merci Carol!

Valerie said...

Hi Loulou. I think I told you how much I enjoy reading your Blog but just before my inter-service break here at the restaurant today I thought I would tell you what great therapy your pages are for me in this 'haute saison' time at 'Restaurant En Bonne Compagnie'. I could spend hours wandering around and just dicovered Mattbites through it which is pure pleasure to the eyes. Thanks for providing some well needed alternative imput to my addled brain..... and well done for the 'Like to Cook' side of things too. Valerie

Loulou said...

thank you for the nice comment! I'm very happy to hear I can "provide therapy" in between the restaurant's busy lunch and busy dinner service. bisous to you both!

Shelley said...

We love to read your eloquent descriptions of food, wine and all the beautiful things you love! It makes me miss you even more (and all of your boys) and I long to visit you again to enjoy these things with you. I read Like to Cook! every day. How lucky they are to have you. We are so proud of you!
:-) Shelley ~ Spokane, WA

Loulou said...

Thanks for saying hi and thank you so much for your kind words and support. I miss you too!!!! Love you!