April 22, 2007

Good Friends Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

Our little village house is in the center of the village, thus we have no outdoor space. These old houses from the 1800's weren't built with gardens. In our region, the gardens, or potagers, are on the edges of the village
Last August we were able to buy a good sized potager about 100 meters from our front door. We didn't do anything with it last year as it was too late in the season to grow tomatoes, zucchini, etc. Since the purchase, our neighbor's have taken a great interest in our plans with it (remember we're in a village of 400 people, so there's nothing else to do but take interest in what your neighbors are doing) Having spent a good part of the last two months in the States, it was the last thing on my mind. But I knew it was going to have to be dealt with sooner or later.

Late winter was quite cold here until a couple of weeks ago, then we had a week of warm weather followed by a week of rain. I went to check out the garden two weeks ago to find that it had become a JUNGLE!
The weeds were as high as my chest.

Our neighbor and good friends, Géry and Roberto, suggested that I have a "garden party" which means, ''come and help clean out the garden and I'll give you lunch and some drinks and we'll spend the afternoon in the sun eating and drinking after the work is done'' party. I sent out an email last week and ten of our good friends, I mean very kind and generous, good friends agreed to come help.
The morning kicked off around 10:30, with one running a chainsaw and another running the weed whacker and the rest of us either pulling weeds, raking weeds or clearing weeds. In just one hour the difference was astounding! We were able to finish up by noon and enjoy some lunch and each other's company.

Work in progress.

Looking better.

Relaxing in the sun.

We cannot thank them enough! Pin It


Christina said...

There is nothing more hopeful and exciting that putting in a vegetable garden. I've been doing the same myself this spring, and the process has consumed quite a bit of my daydreaming time. I'm so happy to have discovered your blog--your photography is beautiful, and I enjoy your interesting, honest perspective of your chosen home.

Katie said...

See, I knew there was that type of 'garden party'. I can't get anyone around here to believe me - could be for obvious reasons...
What a wonderful idea - and it looks like it was well executed.
I planted tomatoes today - I saw them in the nursery on Friday and they were already huge, a month ealier than usual.
Good luck with it and have fun!

Riana said...

Oh, thank god, i have those extra kilos, that means that I am worth a LOT more than I was last year:)

It was a fabulous team and all your friends are so wonderful, thanks for having us.

Emily said...

What friends will do for some good company and great food and drinks. :)

Susan in Italy said...

I'm so envious! A real garden! Here in order to have the right to have a veggie garden on the edge of town you have to be 1.) Italian and 2.) retired. I'm neither so I garden on my balcony.

Loulou said...

thanks for reading and I appreciate the nice comments. Gardening is quite new to me so I'm not really sure where to begin! I've put in lots of herbs and Riana has promised Thai basil that she has started from seed.

It was a great party! We have wonderful friends.

thank you!!!! you guys worked your butts off so you have probably lost a kilo or so since yesterday...

very true!

we tried to get one four years ago when we first moved here to discover that as foreigners, our desire was low on the local's priority list. Luckily our neighbors are kind and since they're moving out of the village, sold us their's.

Géry said...

Ce fut une bonne journée. Nous avons bien profité du jardinage et le temps etait parfait.

Merci pour le lien vers le site www.surlesremparts.com