January 19, 2017

I'm Scared

Bayeux Market

I've avoided posting here in the last couple of months because I'm really struggling to get a grip on what's happening in America. I'm having a hard time gathering my thoughts and deciding what to do and to say.

I know I don't live in the US, but I still care about my family and friends who are living, working and raising children there. I am still an American citizen and I care about the future.
And I'm scared.

Every morning I wake up and think that things just can't get any worse.
I try to be hopeful.
However, when I read the news about a person who will most likely be confirmed to run the Department of Education by constituents of a party who care more about the party lines than the actual good of the country and the people they represent, and especially when this person obviously knows nothing about the post they are about to accept and who could give a rat's ass about children, their education or their future, it is sobering. And depressing.

And this one appointee is just the tip of the iceberg.

 I don't want to stick my head in the sand. But I honestly don't know what to do anymore.

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alice n. said...

Hello Jennifer,
It is frightening, isn't it? I keep reminding myself that there are still good people in the government and political scene that will fight hard for the Rights of Americans. It's going to be an uphill battle for anything that is proposed to Congress, by the Right. There are too many people involved that won't let certain things hurt America. Unfortunately for now, we just have to wait and see. It is super scary, and I have become a little depressed, my self. However, I have faith in those who are much smarted and more educated and more experience than me, to calm me during these times. Let's hope that the new guy has a heart.
I love your blog, by the way.

fergie2200 said...

Greetings Jennifer,

I've enjoyed your posts, the lovely pictures of France and so forth, but today's post really touched me as I believe many of us here in the states are scared too. It will be one heck of a change in leadership for us to have this reality tv star as our president. His emotional immaturity, lack of education as to world realities and issues, and his constant need to lash out at any and all seeming criticisms are alarming. However, there is a building momentum of people who are coming together to attempt to mitigate the harm this person and his cadre may commit. With effort we will be able to keep the damage to a minimum and get him out in four years. Meanwhile, we can send out positive energy, light and love to bolster those who are in need, where ever they may be.
All the best and do continue in your art and life - it will all work out in the end.

Dvora said...

Hi Jennifer,
I don't know if you remember me. I'm also an American and I live in Spain (Catalonia). And I'm also scared. I think anyone in their right mind would be. Because the person about to be president of probably the most powerful and important country in the world isn't in his. The GOP going along with all his craziness and corruption doesn't bode well.

What bothers me far more than any change in policies (which is normal with a change in the governing political party) is what might happen to freedom of the press, discrimination of different types, no ethics review of appointees and most important of the president who has a finger in every aspect of the American pie. And finally, there should be an investigation into the whole Russia thing. Did they mess with our elections? Did the Trump camp know and participate? Has there been treason committed? I don't trust congress to look into this matter, and if they did, I don't trust them to do it in a non-partisan manner. There needs to be an independent investigation set up as soon as possible.

Gwyneth Perrier said...

It certainly feels like a dark day, doesn't it? I opened up my email this morning to see one from a friend in France who titled his email, "Boite de Pandore." The incoming president and his administration are in the business of making themselves richer. They want to dismantle and privatize our great public institutions for their own benefit. We're in big trouble even if they get only half of their agenda accomplished. There is no sense of serving the people. None.

Anyway, I love your blog. It's is not only informative and useful, it's beautiful to look at!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you all and all your fears and everything you have said. I have to include Trump's invoking of references to Nazi Germany when faced with criticism. Does this man have any idea of the horrors? This is the same man who raised his arm in a Nazi salute in the earlier days of his campaign. He is a dangerously ill toddler man who will be in the White House by tomorrow. Heaven help us all.

bonnie poppe said...

If you are not scared you are a moron or a fascist. Sorry about that, but I call it like I see it. I'm living in France and this is the worst world moment I can remember. Nixon pales in comparison. We must support the American opposition and remain hopeful that this is a passing phenomenon. My vengeful self hopes that all who voted for this misognystic unqualified buffoon get exactly what they deserve.
bonnie in provence

Unknown said...

I will take Trump's policies favoring America vs. Obamas making this a Muslim country and going against Isreal in favor of the killers in the middle east -we are lucky they did not sent over more terroists through out the world to do their damage. we will far better off with economic growth programs vs all the giveaways Obama and his cronies proposed and passed.

this sure as hell does not make me a moron since Trump was elected by far more than me and certainly not a fascist but a full blooded American capitolist.

Joanne said...

I think a lot of Americans are already regretting their vote in favour of this man. And, Unknown should be deleted due to his racist views. We do not come ChezLouLou to be exposed to such talk.

Mimi Beck Knudsen said...

Me too. And angry. And sad. I suspect we may soon look back on these days with nostalgia ... when we still had the audacity to be surprised, terrified and outraged ... to feel anything but despair. I, like you, love living in France, but have also retained my pride in being American. On this horrible day, I mourn the impending dismantling of all our core American values. Stay strong. As most of these comments illustrate: You are not alone.

Travel said...

It is going to be an "interesting" time. We need all to be reminded of the beauty of wonders of the adventure of the world, please keep posting wonderful pictures and comments on France and the world to inspire us and remind us of what can be.

A Green and Rosie Life said...


I am not American but I feel for all the American people both in the US and around the world. We live in troubled times and I fear the path many are treading is a dangerous one. However I do feel there is much good in the world and I do believe that, if nothing else, we should show kindness to all our fellow men. Stay strong!

Unknown said...

I think you are right to be scared. But then again, I think most people who pay attention should be scared most of the time. I didn't vote for Trump, I couldn't vote for Hillary. (For perspective)

Trump didn't "win" the election, Hillary lost the election. By considering people "deplorable" if they disagreed with her was a part of a lot of people deciding that she, and the progressive left just went too far. The average American, it seems, had enough of political correctness and forced kumbaya.

Sure, there is voters regret going on. It would have happened the other way too. In fact, that is my main message. American politics is like a pendulum. If it swings too far one direction, the population shoved it back the other way.

Trump's sole virtue is that he is not a part of the current system. I am guessing that his handlers will do their best to move things in the direction they want as fast as they can. However, there is a great deal of bureaucratic inertia, and nothing changes overnight.

The world is a scary place. This election was scary. But, most are, at least for a portion of the population.

Nadege said...

I keep on shaking my head, wondering if this is a nightmare! Robert Reich (the voice of reason) on FB posted a very interesting article on DJT being afraid of not being a legitimate president.


We will see what the future has in store for us and we can only hope for the best. I will forever miss the classy, educated first family we had for the last 8 years!


VintageMom said...

Completely agree. I read this article this morning and it made me feel a bit better:


It's a "positive reframe" of the situation that basically says that Trump's incompetence will bring down conservative politicians for a generation, making way for progressives to move the country into a booming growth period, complete with kinder and gentler policies toward all.

On another note, I still dream of the tour of the Marais you very ably guided, and have been recommending it to everyone who will listen :)

Best to you,

alircarl said...

I'm scared, too. It just keeps getting worse. Now the press is being fed alternative facts, we are being lied to constantly, and almost all government agencies have been given gag orders. Climate change has been removed from all gov't websites, as has LBGTQ rights. These had been posted on the White House site but no longer exist.

It seems very clear to me and many others, that what the GOP and Trump are aiming for is Americsn style fascism. We are in danger of losing our democracy, and there are no administrative ways to stop it. I was seriously considering moving to the south of France (Languedoc-Rousillion) but if Le Pen wins the election, it won't be any better.

I agree with what JoAnne said about "Unknown" and his/her comments. Most unwelcome and ill advised.

Mary in Tucson said...

Hi Jennifer, I too am frightened by what is happening here. I have always been quiet with my beliefs, but now is not the time for silence. I will be marching for Science. I will be protesting the immigration ban at my senator's office; turns outJohn McCain agrees with us, such a surprise. Trump has the right, as President, to do the things he has, but we also have the right to protest. We cannot stand by and let him trash our Republic and possibly the world.

alircarl said...

Mary in Tucson,

Trump does not have the right to violate the constitutional rights of others.

Jackie Lantry said...

I am scared too. It feels like the bad guys are in charge. I am terrified that evil will win. I read an article long ago, when trump was still married to his first wife, she said the donald keeps a book of Hitler's speeches on his bedside table. I remember that and it sends chills down my spine.

Mary in Tucson said...

alircarl, I agree, he cannot violate constitutional rights, but that has to be decided in the courts, which takes time. Until then, I will continue to protest.

alircarl said...


I think all of us who don't want a fascist dictator running the country should march, revolt, whatever to get rid of this abomination.

Frightened American said...

You are so lucky to be in France, Jennifer. People here are terrified, ICE is on a deportation rampage, the media is constantly being attacked, lies are spread as if they're true....and everyday we wake up wondering what new horror they've come up with.

All of us have trouble sleeping now. Question now is- will the Republicans in Congress have the courage to stand up to this insanity?

alircarl said...

to Frightened American,

Yes, it just keeps getting worse. I live in Washington and the west coast is solidly against Trump, California is in outright rebellion and Oregon and Washington are right behind.

As for France, I am applying for a long term visa IF Le Pen doesn't win the election. But if she does, France is toast, too. Let's hope that the Dutch, Germans, Italians and French are watching what is happening here. If they are, they should see the handwriting on the wall if they vote for right wing extremists. I think Europeans are far more rational than the people who voted for Trump.

CK said...

The only good thing is that it is waking people up who have been complacent in our assumptions (including me) that we are an arc of progress to a more generous and kind America. Remember that HRC won the popular vote by 3 million votes. The Electoral College favors rural areas, but these people are NOT the majority. There is hope but we have to let our representatives know that if they don't reform they will be out of office, and then we all have to vote.

This is a trend everywhere. We all have to act and stay strong.